Crayons Are Good for the Soul

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon 

There was nothing like getting a brand new box of crayons as a kid. I remember opening it, and breathing in the scent of possibilities. All those beautiful colors just waiting for chubby fingers to make artistic magic. Each color, with its end sharpened to a perfect point, beckoned me to choose it as I created new worlds where anything was possible.

Back then it never entered my mind not to try because I might not be good enough. Oh, no, that barrier took years to build, brick by brick until finally my inhibitions prevented me from enjoying the simple act of creation. Once that happened, the innocence of childhood was put away along with the crayons.

Somewhere along the line, I rediscovered my love of creating. I still didn’t think of myself as particularly artistic, but I had something to say, and art was my voice. When I once again picked up my colors, which were paint brushes rather than crayons, I felt a freedom I hadn’t experienced for a very long time. My soul felt a little lighter than it ever has.

As adults our days are filled with gotta-do’s and our shoulders often stoop under the weight of responsibility. When that happens, if only we could reach back into our childhoods and pick up our crayons and experience the joy of creation, those burdens might just seem a little lighter.

What do you think? Please leave a comment below to let me know your thougths.

By Rebecca Lacy – Artist (can I really say that??) and author

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